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Due to the high power density and efficiency and the good dynamic features, the synchronous motor concept is used in a wide range of applications. Efficient control methods for synchronous motors require, however, a rotor position feedback. Usually, this is realized by a position sensor (or short sensor) mounted at the end of the shaft.

With dynAIMx® we have developed a sensorless control method. With the help of this innovative motor control, companies can significantly increase the robustness of drive systems in numerous customer applications, while significantly reducing the required motor size, the risk of malfunctions and system costs.


The application of dynAIMx® provides numerous advantages over the operation with a rotary sensor.

General advantages of sensorless control compared to control with position sensor:

You gain additional space and can use a second open shaft end.

The calibration, assembly and alignment of the position sensor as well as the costs for the sensor, cable, plugs, supply and evaluation circuit are no longer required.

Sensor-related limitations for the use of your drive in terms of temperature, vibration, pressure and operation in liquids are no longer relevant. And even within the old limitations the failure probability of the drive system is reduced because the most unreliable component is now eliminated.

Advantages by the use of dynAIMx® compared to other sensorless methods:

DynAIMx® operates throughout the entire speed range – including standstill – with full performance.

The resources required by dynAIMx® in terms of memory and computing power are very low. This provides plenty of scope for additional application and control functions.

There is no tuning and no filter parameters, only physical motor-parameters can be set.

DynAIMx® achieves more torque, more dynamics, less noise and less computational load than conventional methods, and does even allow “difficult” machine types to be operated without position sensor​.

These advantages can now also be found in the INVEOR product family of KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik GmbH.