Der KOSTAL Inveor MP Modular Frequenzumrichter auf einem Synchron Reluktanzmotor
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INVEOR MP Modular - individual, flexible, custom-fit

From now on, put together your motor-mounted variable frequency drive the way you always wanted it – with optional I/O modules or your own application board. The INVEOR MP Modular’s connections and controls have also been designed for flexibility. So that you can bring KOSTAL performance to your motors in the easiest way possible. In four sizes and with a power of 0.55 to 30 kW.

Would you sometimes like to interconnect your own circuit electronics with the power electronics of a variable frequency drive specialist? This is now possible with the INVEOR MP Modular from KOSTAL.

From now on, you can integrate your own application board into the proven power electronics of an INVEOR variable frequency drive. Optional I/O modules and operation with standard functions entirely without an application board are also possible – thanks to the smart power stack. Combined with the other features, you get the best-fit drive controller ever.

Further features of the INVEOR MP Modular

  1. Customisable lid surface: Combine the INVEOR MP controls with your own. Integrate your own switches, indicators or potentiometers.
  2. Pluggable grid connections: Thanks to Harting connections, you can connect the INVEOR MP Modular to the supply voltage simply by plugging it in – easily and without tools. A QUICKON displacement connection is also included.
  3. Additional optional modules: Fully disconnect the supply voltage of your variable frequency drive with an additional main switch or integrate a brake module to control the motor brake. 
  4. Adapter plates for all motor types: The innovative adaptation concept with an extensive range of standard and motor-specific adapter plates allows the device to be used with almost every motor on the market. 
  5. INVERTERapp: Commissioning - parameterisation - monitoring, you can now do all this easily and wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection from your mobile phone or tablet.
Ein KOSTAL INVEOR MP Modular Frequenzumrichter mit nummerierten Features

3D-Schaubild des Pulsinjektionsverfahrens bei einem motormontierten Frequenzumrichter

Control process of the INVEOR MP Modular variable frequency drive


The INVEOR MP Modular frequency inverter uses the novel pulse injection process.  This enables the rotor position of synchronous and synchronous reluctance motors to be determined without delicate components such as encoder sensors, 

making the KOSTAL INVEOR MP Modular a powerful and robust variable frequency drive with which you can significantly expand the range of use of your electric motors and applications. The targeted way in which the pulse injection process performs control functions also reduces your energy consumption – with impressive performance parameters at the same time.

The INVEOR MP Modular's impressive performance parameters

Ein Diagramm, welches die Leistungsparameter des INVEOR MP Modular zeigt Dateiname: kostal-inveor-mp-modular-leistungsparameter
  • 200 % overload: Use 200 % overload for up to 3 seconds if required. Or 150 % for a whole 60 seconds.
  • Speed setting range of 1:200: Control your three-phase motors precisely and accurately, thanks to the optimised speed setting range and superlative control quality. 
  • Optimised torque control: Get constant torque in all applications that need it, for example, extruder screws or winding applications.
  • Control for all motor types: regulate the speed of all your motors. Including synchronous and synchronous reluctance motors of efficiency class IE5.
  • 0.55 kW - 30 kW power: Choose the variable frequency drive with the right power for you from four assemblies – from 0.55 to 30 kW.

From automatic motor recognition (SelfCom) and safety functions such as STO to individual adaptation options via the integrated soft PLC, the INVEOR MP Modular leaves nothing to be desired. With the SelfCom function, the motor is measured at the push of a button and provides high-quality control parameters, eliminating the need for time-consuming calibration on the test bench. In addition to protective functions such as dry-running protection and blockage detection, the MP Modular also has a PID controller that enables precise control to the desired process variable. This saves energy and reduces wear at the same time.

With its STO function, which leads to immediate and safe shutdown of the power output stages when activated, the INVEOR MP Modular achieves Sil2 PLD certification. The integrated soft PLC allows access to all internal process variables and at the same time enables the implementation of customer-specific functions. In the INVEOR MP Modular, the mains connection as well as the IO connections and communication interfaces are pluggable. This simple type of installation saves time and no electrician is needed for the connection, as the cover of the INVEOR does not have to be opened.

INVEOR MP Modular variable frequency drive communication

The KOSTAL INVEOR MP Modular variable frequency drive has a wide range of interfaces and communication options. 

Interfaces of the INVEOR MP Modular variable frequency drive:

  • CANopen and Modbus RTU: Use the smart power stack's two standard interfaces, meaning that you can use INVEOR MP Modular without an additional I/O module or your own application boards.
  • Profinet/EtherCAT/Sercos III/EtherNet IP: Upgrade as required and expand the range of functions to include the Profinet, EtherCAT, Sercos III and EtherNEt IP fieldbus interfaces –- with our optional I/O modules.
  • KOSTAL INVERTER app optional: Experience the simplest wizard-guided operation and commissioning with the help of the free app.
  • Bluetooth: Equip your MP Modular with a Bluetooth interface. For the simplest communication without any cables.


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Darstellung einer Bluetoothverbindung zwischen Smartphone und INVEOR MP Modular Frequenzumrichter

Operating and monitoring with the INVEOR MP Modular frequency inverter

The KOSTAL INVEOR MP Modular drive controller can be modularly adapted to your operating preferences. Even mobile control via app is possible - for the greatest possible flexibility. 

Decide for yourself which operating functions you would like to use:

  • Potentiometer and membrane keypad
  • Man-machine interface (MMI) in the cover or with cable
  • Wall-mounted touch panel
  • KOSTAL INVERTERpc software

Motor adaptation of the INVEOR MP Modular variable frequency drive

The KOSTAL INVEOR MP Modular variable frequency drive is suitable for all common motor types thanks to numerous adapter plates. Be it via a standard adapter plate with individual bores, with intermediate adapter or preconfigured precisely to your needs: With the KOSTAL motor adaptation concept, you can enjoy the benefits of a motor-mounted INVEOR MP Modular variable frequency drive with every electric motor.

And if you do not have enough space within an application: With the adapter plate for wall mounting, the INVEOR MP Modular can also be mounted on the wall close to the application. For short distances and time savings.

Discover the freedom of a motor-mounted variable frequency drive. With the motor adaptation concept from KOSTAL.

Eine Motor-Adapterplatte für den KOSTAL INVEOR MP Modular Frequenzumrichter

Variable frequency drives for all your requirements

Be safe

Improve protection for employees and production. Through the safety function integrated in the application board.

Comply with guidelines

Meet the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive. Thanks to the smart drive controllers of the INVEOR MP Modular.

Making better use of energy

Control motors up to efficiency class IE5. For even better energy use in the company.

The KOSTAL INVEOR product family

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Learn more about our KOSTAL INVEOR variable frequency drives in our webinars. We will show you the operating concepts, the Bluetooth application and also how efficient the encoderless control of our pulse injection process is.

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