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Motor technologies: Induction motor

With optimised induction motors for a wide range of applications

Induction motors have proven themselves in many areas of application. Advantages such as simplicity, low manufacturing costs and robustness outweigh any disadvantages. Generally, asynchronous motors are used more for simple applications such as fans or pumps. With the right variable frequency drive, you can now extend the benefits of this type of motor for your company even further – and ensure better efficiencies in the partial load range and a wider range of applications. 

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KOSTAL variable frequency drives: More efficiency for your induction motors


In principle, thanks to their design, induction motors can be connected directly to the mains. This makes for easy handling, but also keeps the motor running at high speed under full load, which consumes a lot of energy. As a result, when it comes to stricter efficiency requirements, it quickly reaches its limits. 


An asynchronous motor with a variable frequency drive can avoid this. Through the targeted use of smart control technology, such as that of a KOSTAL INVEOR M drive controller, your induction motors benefit from speed control that allows them to be operated much more efficiently. Coupled with the generally low system costs of this type of motor, you benefit twice over. And you enjoy a wider range of applications on top of that.


Advantages of a variable frequency drive with induction motors

Here is a summary of the advantages of combining a variable frequency drive with an asynchronous motor:

  • Speed control adapted to the demand
  • Lower energy consumption with optimised performance
  • Cost savings
  • Extended range of applications

Furthermore, you benefit from easier integration into your applications. With a variable frequency drive, even smaller induction motors can work much more efficiently, meaning that you can dispense with modern large-volume models.

KOSTAL INVEOR MP Frequenzumrichter auf einem Asynchronmotor

Our variable frequency drives for use on induction motors

Motormontierter Frequenzumrichter KOSTAL INVEOR M auf Drehstrommotor


Our particularly robust motor-mounted frequency inverter with up to 22 kW. Supports motors up to IE4 and offers extra features for almost all your requirements.

Motormontierter Frequenzumrichter KOSTAL INVEOR MP auf Drehstrommotor


Our motor-mounted Performance flagship with multi-pump operation and IP 65 protection class. Available in four sizes up to 30 kW and for a wide range of motors.

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