KOSTAL frequency converters – control all motor types with one device

Each motor technology has its own advantages, but also control technology requirements and challenges. KOSTAL frequency converters from the INVEOR series control every motor type with maximum performance and efficiency.

Schematische Darstellung vom Innenleben eines Asynchronmotors

Asynchronous motors

Optimise and extend the usage ranges of your asynchronous motors and thereby enjoy greater efficiency. Get the best out of your asynchronous motor with a KOSTAL variable frequency drive.

Schematische Darstellung vom Innenleben eines Permanentmagnet-Synchronmotors

Permanent magnet synchronous motors

Experience maximum efficiency with the combination of KOSTAL INVEOR drive controller and permanent magnet synchronous motor. A distinction is made between permanent magnet synchronous motors with internal and external magnets.

Schematische Darstellung vom Innenleben eines Synchron-Reluktanzmotors

Synchronous reluctance motors

Future-proof your company – with the right use of drive controllers and synchronous reluctance motors. These days, not only are there synchronous reluctance motors without magnets, but also a further subgroup with assistance magnets

KOSTAL variable frequency drives: The right module for motor & gearmotor manufacturers

The drive system consists of the following main components: motor, gearbox and variable frequency drive. In this system, the variable frequency drive essentially ensures a multifunctional, highly efficient range of application.  However, not all manufacturers of motors or gearmotors are also experts in power electronics. The KOSTAL variable frequency drives are the ideal complement as they can be perfectly combined with the other components to form a complete system. 

They win over customers by providing the following benefits:

  • Universal mechanical adaptation concept: adapter plate connects motor and inverter
  • Motor-mounted approach: creates an overall system comprising motor and variable frequency drive
  • Innovative control process: control of all motor types with one device.

KOSTAL variable frequency drives are the ideal solution for motor and gearmotor manufacturers to complete their drive system.

KOSTAL drive controllers: efficient control for all motor technologies

A variable frequency drive is essential if you want to operate an electric motor efficiently. Because only with one can you exploit the full potential of the motor technology you use and optimise it for your applications.

Thanks to their smart technology, variable frequency drives from KOSTAL are able to control and regulate every type of motor. From the simple asynchronous motor, which you can use in a much more energy-efficient and versatile way with our INVEOR drive controller, to the new synchronous reluctance motors, which are complex to control and where you no longer need a costly encoder thanks to our sensorless technology – with KOSTAL variable frequency drives you get the most out of your motors.

Zwei Ingenieure entwerfen einen Frequenzumrichter

Characteristics of the different types of motors

In practice, different requirements are placed on each electric motor. These requirements are met differently by each motor type because of their different designs. In the following chart we have shown how well the individual types of motor reflect these characteristics.

Tabelle mit den wichtigsten Key-Features der verschiedenen Motortypen

Our motor-mounted variable frequency drives for all motor types

Motormontierter Frequenzumrichter KOSTAL INVEOR M auf Drehstrommotor


Our particularly robust motor-mounted frequency inverter with up to 22 kW. Supports motors up to IE4 and offers extra features for almost all your requirements.

Motormontierter Frequenzumrichter KOSTAL INVEOR MP auf Drehstrommotor


Our motor-mounted performance flagship with up to 200% overload, maximum speed control range and much more. Available in four sizes with up to 30 kW.

Ein KOSTAL INVEOR MP Modular Frequenzumrichter der Performance-Serie auf einem Elektromotor Dateiname: kostal-inveor-mp-modular-frequenzumrichter


Our modular variable frequency drives with smart power stack or the option of integrating your own application boards and electronics. Available in four sizes with up to 30 kW.

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