KOSTAL variable frequency drives: Efficiency for all applications

At KOSTAL, we develop frequency converter solutions for pumps, compressors, conveyor belts, fans and much more. Always in focus: maximum efficiency. Find out how you can use our frequency converters to find the optimal solution for all your requirements in your particular application.

3D-Darstellung einer Wasserpumpe


Experience efficient operation of lubrication, eccentric screw, hydraulic and water/waste water pumps.

3D-Darstellung eines Kolbenverdichters

Compressors and refrigeration/air conditioning compressors

Control your compressors more efficiently than ever before. Even in adverse conditions.

Conveyor technology

Optimise roller drives, chain conveyors and conveyor belts and benefit from our modular, plug-in systems.

3D-Darstellung eines radialen Ventilators


Ensure energy-efficient and reliable operation of your fans and snow cannons with motor-mounted drive controllers – even under extreme conditions.

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Industry and automation

Improve the performance and efficiency of agitators and much more.

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Door drives

Increase the dynamics, safety and flexibility of your door drives.

3D-Darstellung eines Azimut-Wälzlagers mit KOSTAL Antriebsreglern

Roller bearing drives

Control your roller bearing drives to new levels of precision, synchronism and reliability.

KOSTAL drive controllers: One solution for all applications

Every application places different demands on a variable frequency drive. For example, an air-conditioning compressor in mobile secondary applications has to cope with temperature fluctuations and vibrations, while a waste water pump tends to require water jet protection and efficient multi-pump operation.

Whatever you need for your application: At KOSTAL, we design our variable frequency drives so that the requirements of each of your applications are always perfectly met in terms of performance, operability, integration and design. This gives you maximum efficiency – at all levels and for every area of application. 

Features and advantages of KOSTAL drive controllers

Find out what features our KOSTAL variable frequency drives have in store for your applications. And also what advantages you stand to gain:

  • Highly-developed control process for completely sensorless control
  • Control of all motor types with one device
  • Various sizes for every power requirement
  • Motor and wall mounting for the most flexible installation (smart motor adaptation concept)
  • Sector-specific functions such as multi-pump operation. Multi-pump operation
  • Robust housing for long-lasting and low-maintenance use (even under extreme conditions)
  • Incredibly simple to operate with a wide range of possible configurations
  • Small design for optimum integration

Thanks to the pulse injection process we have developed, our motor-mounted drive controllers also operate without any sensors whatsoever. In this way, you also benefit from durability and reliability – without having to sacrifice performance. 

Nahaufnahme eines KOSTAL INVEOR MP Modular Antriebsreglers auf einem Elektromotor

Our motor-mounted variable frequency drives

Motormontierter Frequenzumrichter KOSTAL INVEOR M auf Drehstrommotor


Our particularly robust motor-mounted frequency inverter with up to 22 kW. Supports motors up to IE4 and offers extra features for almost all your requirements.

Motormontierter Frequenzumrichter KOSTAL INVEOR MP auf Drehstrommotor


Our motor-mounted performance flagship with up to 200% overload, maximum speed control range and much more. Available in four sizes with up to 30 kW.

Ein KOSTAL INVEOR MP Modular Frequenzumrichter der Performance-Serie auf einem Elektromotor Dateiname: kostal-inveor-mp-modular-frequenzumrichter


Our modular variable frequency drive with smart power stack and the option of integrating your own application boards and electronics. Available in four sizes with up to 30 kW.

Do you have any questions about our KOSTAL products or how to use them within your application?

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