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Target sector: Logistics

KOSTAL logistics solutions for conveyor belts etc.

Modern logistics systems are characterised by effectiveness, flexibility and reliability. With drive controllers from KOSTAL, which can be configured by the module, roller drives, chain conveyors and conveyor belts are controlled in a way that guarantees optimum system control at all times.

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INVEOR variable frequency drives: The centrepieces of modern logistics systems

The production of drive controllers that can be configured by the module is one of the core competencies of KOSTAL Business Unit Drives. Our technology is compatible with all the major interfaces used in professional logistics. KOSTAL drive controllers feature impressive

  • modular design,
  • simple commissioning and
  • maximum flexibility.

Because modern chain conveyors, conveyor belts and the like often consist of individual modules that then make up the complete conveyor line, the systems can be reorganised very quickly if necessary. A decentralised drive controller solution, such as that offered by the INVEOR with its concept of mounting on or close to the motor, is the ideal choice here.

KOSTAL variable frequency drives allow the system to be reorganised very easily thanks to simple plug connections. This enables the logistics systems to be commissioned and adapted quickly, even without an electrician. The practical "plug & play" connections enable simple, fast and safe adaptation of logistics systems to new challenges. Even complete conveyor sections can be reorganised in a few simple steps.
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KOSTAL drive controls: Smart technology for modern logistics

The drive controllers of our INVEOR family impress customers with their outstanding adaptability. Thanks to the many fieldbus systems that the INVEOR comes with, the device can be integrated into almost any control environment. In addition, all INVEOR drive controllers in a logistics system can be controlled from one central computer. Tunnelling via special PC software offers full control of conveyor belts, roller drives and chain conveyors via one control centre. 100 percent pluggability also enables service-friendly replacement of the devices.

KOSTAL INVEOR: State-of-the-art control for conveyor technology

When controlling roller drives, chain conveyors and conveyor belts, all the benefits of variable frequency drives from KOSTAL come to the fore. The systems guarantee precise speed control of the complete conveyor line. Our drive controls also ensure that the logistics systems start and stop smoothly (S-curve). With a very high starting torque or an overload capacity of up to 200 %, the INVEOR can handle even the most demanding tasks.

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INVEOR variable frequency drives from KOSTAL are connected directly to the motor and, using a suitable adapter plate, form a fixed unit with the drive. Vulnerable and disruptive cable connections, such as associated with control cabinet devices, are then a thing of the past.

With IP protection class 65, KOSTAL variable frequency drives are protected against water jets and dust and even against aggressive environments containing alkalis and ammonia. A reliable die-cast aluminium casing ensures maximum protection – even in heavy-duty applications. Vibration resistance up to 5G completes the comprehensive protection concept.

Our variable frequency drives for the logistics sector

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Our motor-mounted Performance flagship with multi-pump operation and IP 65 protection class. Available in four sizes up to 30 kW and for a wide range of motors.

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Our modular variable frequency drive with the option of integrating your own application boards and electronics. Available in four sizes.

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