Integrated sensorless
positioning function

INVEOR frequency inverter with integrated motion control: Exact positioning without sensor

KOSTAL Integrated Sensorless Positioncontrol (ISP): Revolution in sensorless motor control

When we talk about motion control, we mean controlling a movement so that it stops at a defined position. Sensors are usually used for this, which feed back information about the position to the frequency inverter. However, this sensor technology is expensive and makes the system more susceptible to faults. 
Thanks to the patented encoderless control method, Kostal enables positioning applications completely without encoders. The KOSTAL pulse injection method calculates the exact rotor position based on the anisotropy of the motor without an encoder. In other words, it uses the motor itself as a sensor, which functions with high performance in all PM synchronous and synchronous reluctance motors. With the INVEOR MP and MP Modular, you thus receive a positioning function completely sensorless and without any further effort on your part. We call this KOSTAL Integrated Sensorless Position Control.

Your advantages

1. positioning applications without the use of a rotor position sensor directly integrated in the frequency inverter.

2. cost savings by eliminating the need for a position encoder

3. higher flexibility: by omitting the sensor system, use is possible even in difficult ambient conditions.
4. highest dynamics even without sensors

5. high-resolution speed control comparable to the performance of an incremental sensor

6. positional accuracy of the KOSTAL ISP is the same as with encoder-based systems: infinite repetitions without drifting

7. suitable for many standard positioning applications

Maximum performance even without sensor with superior KOSTAL ISP

When it comes to encoderless positioning, parameters such as the controlled motor type and the suitability of the motor as a sensor influence the quality of the control. Many systems available on the market quickly reach their limits in this area.
In this respect, the KOSTAL ISP certainly leads the market comparison, because once calibrated, the KOSTAL system is able to maintain the position even after an infinite number of repetitions. This makes the KOSTAL system comparable to encoder-based systems in terms of repeat accuracy. Other systems either lose accuracy (drift) after multiple passes and end up needing a sensor again to find the zero position, or cannot meet requirements for dynamics and speed control range without a sensor. 
In terms of resolution for speed control, KOSTAL's encoderless control is high-resolution and comparable to the performance of an incremental sensor. 

Sensorless positioning with maximum dynamics

In the video you can see different positioning applications without a motor position feedback system: from slow positioning to the same position to fast positioning with high dynamics. With the KOSTAL ISP, highly dynamic positioning is possible completely without sensors. 

Sensorless positioning in practice

This video shows the positioning function in a logistics application using a vertical conveyor. A predefined sequence of stopping points is used to always move to the exact position, in this case at different heights. Even after countless repetitions, the position is always precisely controlled.

Benefit from the advantages of the KOSTAL control method

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Maximum efficiency in the control of all motor types. Exceeds the requirements of the Ecodesign Directive.
  • Heavy Duty: No problems with vibration, humidity, heat, cold, dust or radiation without sensor. High reliability and long service life.
  • Highest dynamics with consistently high precision. Jerk-free starting and stopping (S-grinding).
  • Extended speed control range up to standstill. No changeover points, no controlled operation.
  • 200% unit overload. No overload limits due to sensorless control technology.
  • Starting torque: Highest breakaway torques. Precise control even at the lowest speeds.

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