Target sector: Building applications

KOSTAL frequency inverters in building applications: Saving costs and mastering the energy crisis

With the INVEOR frequency inverters, KOSTAL offers the ideal solution for use in building applications: maximum efficiency, the reliable control of all motor types without a sensor, high vibration resistance and an extended temperature range are just a few of the key advantages that the INVEOR brings.

Frequency inverters for building applications: INVEOR is the ideal choice

In building applications, there are three main areas of application for frequency inverters: 

  • Pumps: in the application as heating circuit pumps or in multi-pump operation. 
  • Compressors: as air-conditioning compressors in large refrigeration systems or in the commercial sector as refrigeration counters and in heating technology as heat pumps.
  • Blowers: for example for building ventilation.


Efficient frequency inverters for large refrigeration plants

For large refrigeration systems on building roofs, the INVEOR offers the possibility of completely dispensing with a control cabinet thanks to its motor-mounted design and the high-quality housing with IP65 protection. This saves both space and costs. At the same time, the INVEOR is always ready for operation, even at high summer temperatures and in winter at extreme sub-zero temperatures.

High-efficiency control for supermarket refrigerated counters

With rising electricity prices and the tightening of the Ecodesign Directive, the topic of efficiency is more topical than ever. Especially in applications such as supermarket refrigerated counters, which are in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, strong cost savings are possible through efficient control with INVEOR frequency inverters. It does not matter which motor is involved. INVEOR frequency inverters get the maximum efficiency out of every motor. Reliability also plays an important role in the field of food refrigeration to ensure uninterrupted cooling. With its sensorless control method, INVEOR frequency inverters eliminate the most sensitive component, the encoder, making the entire application lower-maintenance and more fail-safe.

Reliability and efficiency: INVEOR coldplate solution for heat pumps

The market for heat pumps is booming. With the INVEOR, KOSTAL offers a coldplate solution that is compact and can be easily integrated into the heat pump by utilising existing thermal sinks. In addition to the tight installation space, motors that are complicated to control often pose a particular challenge for the frequency inverter. The INVEOR frequency inverters from KOSTAL control all motor types, including reluctance motors, reliably and with maximum efficiency.

Our motor-mounted frequency drives for building applications

Motormontierter Frequenzumrichter KOSTAL INVEOR M auf Drehstrommotor


Our robust classic. Available in four sizes up to 22 kW and also protected against water jets thanks to the IP 65 protection class. Supports motors up to IE4.

Motormontierter Frequenzumrichter KOSTAL INVEOR MP auf Drehstrommotor


Our motor-mounted Performance flagship with multi-pump operation and IP 65 protection class. Available in four sizes up to 30 kW and for a wide range of motors.


Our performance device for pump applications with pump display, smart sensor, bidirectional IOs and temperature sensor input. Available in four sizes up to 30 kW.

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