KOSTAL Pressebereich
Hagen/ Kuala Lumpur, 11/10/2017

Formula 1 runner-up world champions - our Aurora team

The Aurora Formula 1 team sponsored by KOSTAL has just returned to Hagen from the World Finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the fantastic and very surprising title of runner-up world champions.

Unlike the real Formula 1, these contests aren’t just about having the fastest car. The teams taking part have to impress the international jury in other areas too, especially with the technical design of their 20 cm race car, their marketing concept and the Formula 1 pit they build themselves. Having gained great results in all these areas, the Aurora team, comprising Tobias Röspel, Arne Twer, Patrick Alfsmann, Thomas Lam and Yannick Lessmann from Fichte high school in Hagen with which we run a joint venture, and pupils from Brighton Secondary School in Australia both reached second place and are therefore runner-up world champions.

Initially there were 51 teams from 26 countries. But they weren't simply content with the honour of this ranking, our team also had the fastest car and won the additional prizes for the best collaboration team and the Pit Display Award for the best Formula 1 pit. This is a fantastic result, not only for the young Aurora team, but also for Fichte high school, a STEM school, where the basic technical knowledge, needed to build the fastest car, was taught. But we at KOSTAL, a company with a history of supplying the automotive sector, aren’t Formula 1 runner-up world champions every day of the week either.
So once again congratulations to our Aurora team, who received an enthusiastically warm welcome back to Hagen and Fichte high school and have been duly honoured on a small scale.