KOSTAL Pressebereich
Hagen, 07/07/2017

15th Painting competition

Creative smart connections

Colourful, creative and unique are good adjectives for describing the painting competition linked to our "Smart connections." Time and again, children astound our jury with the smart connections they see in everyday situations and how they express them through the use of coloured pens. We are therefore delighted to be able to report that the 15th painting competition, shaped by creativity and a wealth of new ideas, came to a successful end a few days ago.
We would like to thank everyone (unfortunately very few people) who sent in entries from all over Germany and are delighted that once again an entire school class entered the competition. The jury met to select the best pictures. The winner is announced on the KOSTAL Industrie Elektrik and KOSTAL Solar Electric homepages.
If you would like to take part in the KOSTAL painting competition, you are warmly invited to send us your interpretation of "smart connections.". Entries for the 16th round of the painting competition which has just opened must be received by 30 November 2017. We reward each entry with a small gift, so go and find your pencils, wax crayons or your favourite paint brush! You can find more information about getting involved here.